Morgan Routh (Novelist)

Morgan Routh

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Moogie Covenant

Moogie was unwillingly turned at a young age. She suddenly had to grow up fast and is now facing the expanse of her 20's. Violent, trying, and cumbersome, she makes decisions of the shades of evil she is. Whether it is murder, identity, or her struggling obsessions, she seeks to find a place for herself in the world and keep a grasp on her humanity.

Far from glamorous, these are modern day slayers that hunt in a world that mostly does not know they are being preyed upon.

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Kate Quinn: "... I received this 400 page novel on Friday night and finished it by Monday afternoon. The story kept me turning the pages, wanting to know what would happen next..."

Shyan: "...I would not have pick this book because everyone no matter what they say judges a book by its cover. In the end it was a good book I recommend to people who like vampires, blood, and gore and are not looking for romance."

Rebecca Hughes: "I loved this book. I found myself sympathizing and relating to the main character. Her inner struggles are so realistic. I had a hard time putting the book down because I couldn't wait to see what happens next. I must say that in my opinion this book was very well written."

Renee: "I loved this book!!! The first chapter grabs you and does not let go. Could not put this down."

Present Intimacy: An Anthology Of Intense Lovers

Book 1: Sarah
Simple, sweet Sarah has a peacefully quiet life working part-time at the zoo in a city not-so-far into the future. Everything is exactly the way she likes it, that is, until a beautiful woman named Toni slides into her life. Suddenly Sarah gets swept into a fashionable and chaotic world, where she battles new, primal feelings of lust and addictive love for her, tormented by the call of her old ways and the curiosity of the new. Sarah is divided. Should she embrace the new world around her, or abandon it to the safety and emotional security of her old ways? Sarah's whole existence is upended, and it is her life that has become the menagerie.

The full book will be released soon. You can read excerpts now.

Independent Writings

Missed Connection Melee
Published in Fall 2016, “Missed Connection Melee” is a non-fiction piece written about the chaos and misery of getting stuck between connections at the airport. Available in the Issue 14, Fall 2016 Canyon Voices Literary Magazine. Direct link to Issue 14.

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